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Our ‘consider it done’ project approach, the ’empathic craftsmanship’ of our team, and our commitment to ‘Enlightened Implementation’ are our core promises. Wondering how our commitments can elevate your business, team, and knowledge level? Discover what dotNET lab can do for you.

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'Consider it done' project approach

Our unmatched technical expertise is the backbone of every project we undertake. Delving deep into your business operations, we fuse tech prowess with insight, ensuring solutions that not only work flawlessly but also add genuine value. Aimed to exceed, not just meet, we craft custom solutions tailored precisely to your business needs.

With us on board, consider it done!

Empathic craftsmanship

Our technical experts go beyond mere proficiency in Microsoft technologies. Rather than just delivering solutions, they actively immerse themselves within our clients’ ecosystems. This enables them to intimately understand your business operations, company priorities, team objectives, and the nuances of each project. With these insights, they craft solutions tailored to deliver optimum value.

The philosophy of “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” isn’t just a mantra – it’s the bedrock of our lasting relationships, both with clients and employees.

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Enlightened implementation

We don’t just implement advanced technical solutions; we illuminate them.
While our solutions often involve cutting-edge and complex technologies, we believe true success is achieved when your team can confidently navigate, adapt, and build upon what we’ve established. Our commitment extends beyond mere implementation; it’s about educating your technical personnel on the intricacies, the ‘whys’, and the ‘hows’.
By transferring our knowledge, we ensure the value of our solutions persists, evolving and adapting long after our direct involvement ends.

This philosophy of fostering understanding and continuity is what we mean by “Enlightened Implementation”.


Our knowledge and strength lie in our people.
We’re all on the same page about that! We’re immensely proud of our experts, trainers, and coaches at dotNET Lab. They’re fluent in Teams, PowerApps, Azure, .NET, Cyber Security, … and all that tech jargon. But we, as Microsoft specialists, get each other. Perhaps a tad geeky at times, but always on point. We value stability, yet always think three steps ahead. How can we better support businesses? It keeps us up at night!

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Our history

2000 / Bitconsult

Founding of BIT IT Consultancy (Bitconsult from 2013 onwards)

2011 / dotNET academy

Founding of dotNET academy

2016 / IT4IT Services

Founding of IT4IT Services

2020 / dotNET Lab

Bitconsult & IT4IT Services unite their strengths under the name dotNET lab.

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