The IT world is evolving at breakneck speed. Stay ahead by keeping up with technological developments!
Freshly graduated with an IT bachelor’s degree and looking to hone your .NET skills? Dive deep into practical cases to learn the nitty-gritty details. Or, are you transitioning careers and considering IT? dotNET lab offers a comprehensive range of online .NET courses for individuals eager to ignite, activate, and refine their IT prowess. dotNet lab is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner.

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Top-notch IT skills begin with a solid foundation, hands-on training, and an unbeatable growth mindset. Three elements where dotNET academy excels! Our digital academy offers a smart synergy between IT juniors and .NET experts, focusing on innovation, deepening knowledge, and continuous improvement. The latest .NET software, cutting-edge tools, specific learning modules… dotNET academy is on the forefront of IT, elevating junior .NET developers to the next level in 12 to 16 weeks. Guaranteed!

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Practice makes perfect. That’s why our e-learning course consists of 60% challenging cases designed to stimulate your .NET knowledge, test it, and further develop it. Analyzing the problem statement, navigating digital learning modules, progressively building .NET software… You complete the exercises, we correct them, and provide detailed feedback on your results and progress. Need additional support, have questions or feedback? Our dotNET coaches offer personal guidance at scheduled times, remotely or face-to-face during open office hours at our Westerlo location.

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Flexible, personal, and hands-on: dotNET academy e-learning maximizes your IT potential. Our academy for talent offers a practical online .NET course that blends theoretical concepts with real-world exercises and in-depth, personalized feedback. Our .NET experts assess your digital skills, match your profile to the appropriate training level, and design a learning path tailored to you. A customized .NET deep dive from a distance, because with our e-learning platform, you can start your training wherever and whenever you choose.

Looking to develop your IT skills with one of our coaches?