.NET development tailored to the Flemish government: Department of Agriculture & Fisheries meets Karolien!

.NET development tailored to the Flemish government: Department of Agriculture & Fisheries meets Karolien!

In their search for motivated .NET developers, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Dept. AF) enlisted the training and recruitment expertise of dotNET academy. After several intake interviews, the Dept. AF expanded one of its teams with front-end developer Karolien Peeters. A successful collaboration with instant impact, as from day one, Karolien seamlessly integrated as an external consultant, contributing 100% to the productivity of the IT team.

IT support at the governmental level

As a department of the Flemish government, the Dept. LV is responsible for translating European agricultural regulations into specific legislation in Flanders. This includes policy preparation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. With such a diverse range of tasks, they require specialized high-level software and corresponding developers. While the Dept. LV has an internal IT department, they often collaborate with external consultants for specific IT challenges.

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dotNET academy, a professional match

During this recruitment process, the Dept. LV collaborated with dotNET academy. The result? A permanent seat at the development table for Karolien, emerging IT talent with a broad knowledge of .NET. Erik Wollebrants, IT project leader, considers the collaboration a great success.

``Especially in the implementation and control phase, the Dept. LV requires a lot of specialized, custom-made software. Most of this software is developed in-house. When we were looking for additional IT support from an external developer, dotNET academy connected us with Karolien, a raw talent who recently transitioned to IT. From the first day, we were impressed by her up-to-date IT knowledge. A perfect match for our team!``

- Erik Wollebrants, Project Manager IT at Dept. LV

Career switch to IT

While Karolien is now enthusiastically tackling challenging development cases, her journey took a unique path. In fact, she didn’t follow the standard trajectory. In 2019, she made a 360° career switch and transitioned into IT. It was a bold choice that turned out to be the right one, as she has now found her groove at the Dept. LV, where she is fully engaged and thriving.

``At the Dept. LV, I made my debut as a developer. After working as a consultant in a chemical plant for 15 years, I decided to pursue an evening course in IT. It left me wanting more! Especially since the evening school had limited offerings in terms of Angular, CSS, and HTML. To broaden my knowledge and gain practical experience, I began the training program at dotNET academy in August 2019.``

– Karolien Peeters, .NET developer at Dept. LV

IT Training at dotNET academy: Variety is Key!

dotNET academy maintains a balance between theory and practice, self-study and group work. Karolien immersed herself in the world of development for 4 months. MVC, ASP.NET, SQL, SOLID, and various programming languages were covered during the journey. After an intensive training program, I started working as a developer at the Dept. LV. A career switch that I haven’t regretted for a moment! dotNET academy not only strengthened my IT knowledge but also prepared me for the real-world challenges. A paid training program with job security: a win-win!

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