In the Spotlight: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Tim Deschryver.

In the Spotlight: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Tim Deschryver.

Providing our customers with the best IT services is what we strive for every day at dotNET Lab. The same goes for our colleague, Tim Deschryver! Our innovative programmer makes a significant difference in front-end development, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Microsoft and the developer community…

Nominated by fellow developers...

Since January 2022 on board, and already an indispensable part of our team. Front-end developer Tim Deschryver holds the title of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the Developer Technologies domain. At dotNET Lab, we are incredibly proud of our colleague, as such appointments are rare. Tim is one of the twelve Belgian MVPs in that category. While our country, across various specializations, has only 59 MVPs.

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... Appointed by Microsoft

The submitted nominations are then subjected to a thorough review by Microsoft. Tim successfully passed the process and has held the title of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since last summer.

``I didn't have to take an exam, but they did ask for my references and achievements. It wasn't difficult, as I put my heart and soul into the open-source community. After a positive evaluation, I received the title. I was really proud! But it's only valid for a year. I'm lucky to be nominated again now. Until March, I was able to demonstrate my dedication through blogs, projects... Now the screening period is ongoing, and soon I'll know if I can hold the title of Most Valuable Professional for the second year in a row, under the watchful eye of Microsoft. Exciting...``

Our clients and colleagues benefit from the extensive design expertise that Tim has to offer. So, it’s no surprise that we asked him to become a domain specialist for all things front-end related.

``I thought that at the Fund for Scientific Research (FWO), my days would be filled with programming, programming, programming. But what turns out? I use both development and people skills. It's great to work this way because I enjoy helping others in a targeted way. Ive noticed this and suggested that I become a domain specialist for front-end at dotNET Lab. As an expert, I keep track of the developments in that domain, while being the central point of contact for my colleagues to answer all design-related questions. It's a role that suits me perfectly!``

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